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3/23 Host Skull Festival Pt. 3 - Gia Cacalano/Jeff Berman/David Bernabo + Pairdown + Scott Steele

on Wed, 2012-03-21 06:08

Here at Host Skull Festival, we've been crusing along with a great opening night that featured two short Host Skull sets. A week later brought an exciting night of performances, featuring The Pillow Project premiering a beautiful new piece of dance, sound, and words on bodies, Justin Hopper reading two original works never previously heard aloud, and Host Skull premiering the "Games" module. The "Games" module featured Erik Cirelli on guitar, as Taylor Knight, Brandon Masterman, and David Bernabo performed tasks for points. Brandon turned out to be the big winner.

Pt. 2 of the festival brought Host Skull's MODULES 04, which combined the "Games" module with othe modules: Alternate History, Fourth River Walk, and Limited Autonomy. This time, Taylor brought home the gold. The Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble's Chris McGlumphy turned in a beautiful set of original music and music from previous times. Solo viola da gamba was his instrument of choice. The Swiss group, Le Rex, closed out the night in groove-based fashion, combining sweet, sweet melodies and harmonies over shifting beats and extended techniques. Definitely a crowd favorite.

Pt. 3 comes to you, dear audience, this Friday. It's free and we have a promising lineup!!

Scott Steele, a new member of the Alia Musica Pittsburgh new music ensemble will have original pieces performed.

Then, my Pittsburgh favs, Pairdown, will deliver some thought-out, double fingerpicked guitar beauty. If you haven't seen them or picked up a record, you really should!

Capping off the night will be dancer Gia Cacalano, joined by vibraphonist Jeff Berman and guitarist David Bernabo, for an improvised workout. This essentially acts as a teaser for the large-scale Gia T. Presents performances that will happen at Wood Street Galleries on March 30 and 31st. The 30th is already sold out and the 31st literally has a handful of floor seats available. See the facebook invite for reservation instructions:

We hope you can join us this Friday for the third of four festival nights. The fourth one comes April 7 with a special Matt Wellins performance, followed by an exciting film program. Big thanks to Murray Horne and the whole gallery crew for the help and support. This has been a blast so far!!

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