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07/27 at Brillobox: New Shouts, Host Skull, DJ Dave Zak

on Fri, 2012-07-20 12:41


New Shouts: One of Pittsburgh's most exciting (and catchy) bands in a while, integrating Northern Soul, early rock, and an innate songwriting ability. Check out their new single Gazes in the Dark: Gazes in the Dark/Bandcamp

Host Skull: In total build-a-band mode: Dave Bernabo, Erik Cirelli, Chris James, Dan Harding (Good Night, States), Woody (Triggers). Playing favorites from the Totally Fatalist LP, new tunes from the second, named, but not spoken LP, and one brand new tune from a third, unnamed, unspoken LP.

DJ Dave Zak: spinning in between.

Doors 9:30, $5!

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