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Listen to Host Skull on NPR's World Cafe

on Thu, 2013-12-12 02:33

Host Skull was recently featured in a World Cafe segment on Pittsburgh music. Check out the link below and download some Host Skull along with five other tops Pittsburghers.

and if you just really need our first or second LPs or CDs, head over to our bandcamp, take a listen, and pick one up. LPs and CDs will arrive to your door with a special object from HS. Happy Holidays!

Host Skull's Black Mark is Released!

on Thu, 2013-09-05 03:32

Host Skull's Black Mark, the second LP, is out now. Check bandcamp for the LP, the CD, or the download!!

Video: "A Man/Woman Is A Lovesome Thing"

on Mon, 2013-07-22 02:23

Here it is! The first video and the first single from Host Skull's Black Mark! The album drops 9/3/2013 on Wild Kindness Records. We'll be posting more about the video, show dates, and the album in the coming weeks. Thanks to all the supporters!

If you are really feeling it and need the single + a special b-side featuring the talents of Teal Fitzpatrick, Will and Dave, head over to the Host Skull bandcamp for a very affordable download:

Early warning: if you are fan of Maree ReMalia (main dancer in the video) and Dave (1/2 to 1/8 of Host Skull), check out their forthcoming performances of Maree's slants/take away the mountain at the Current Sessions in NYC, Aug 23 and 25.

Introducing Host Skull's Black Mark

on Mon, 2013-07-01 01:33

Host Skull’s Black Mark

After more than two years of recording, exhibiting art and sound installations, and making video work, Host Skull returns with their second album, Black Mark. Like their debut album, Totally Fatalist, the record plays with pop formats, song structures, and harmony, but this time around, the transcontinental band relies more on “feel”, allowing rhythms to sway and moments to linger. While the first record was recorded as “tape-trading” overdub sessions, core members David Bernabo and Will Dyar spent a week in Sante Fe, NM recording basic tracks. The result was a narrowing of eclecticism and a strengthening of the collaboration.

Through the warm crunch of Rhodes piano, harmonized guitars, and falsetto vocals, the band presents a series of songs that unfold without doubling back. “Hypernarrative” opens the record with a narrative about dislocation while the music filters through arrangements before crescendoing in a few blasts. “Living In” plots winding classical guitar against pitched bowls in a hybrid folk and jazz ballad. Elsewhere, “Bootleg” and lead single “A Man/Woman is a Lovesome Thing” pivot in the direction of soul and classicism, but include enough false footholds to keep things interesting.

The album also features Brandon Masterman on falsetto vocals and baritone and soprano saxophones, along with Shanti Randall (viola), Ben Montgomery (vocals, bass), Erik Cirelli (lap steel, guitar), and PJ Roduta (pitched bowls, percussion). The album is being released on Wild Kindness Records as a limited edition of 300 180-gram, gatefold LPs, a digitally download, and a series of handmade CD packages. Black Mark packaging and pressing were funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign.

Release date: September 3, 2013